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Send us the form

JOY Real Estate is looking for real estate agents to be inserted in our Lecce agency. The JOY system is characterised by the high professionalism of its agents, thanks to their continuous training. Our search is aimed at both qualified Estate Agents and novices without experience, who want to pursue a career in a sector able to offer high-profit margins and guarantee unlimited possibilities for growth. The JOY system, based on the innovative logic of the Studio, is characterised by the highest sectoral remuneration for its Agents (from 50% to 80%). 

The ideal candidate:

- has strong interpersonal skills, commercial attitudes and is strongly result-oriented

- intends to try their hands at a career as an entrepreneur, without a fixed salary, whose salary is commission-based, at the highest level in the reference market

- has strong time management and team spirit

- a high school diploma is required

- owns a car

JOY Real Estate has been present in Lecce since 2008. Founded by the brokers Irene Paolucci and Carlo Cirignaco, it was the first real estate company in Lecce to introduce and successfully develop the formula of a studio of associates and to promote collaboration among professionals in the sector. JOY Real Estate is a growing agency whose flagship is the continuous training of its professionals that leads to 95% satisfied customers.

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